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Below is a list of the products and accessories we manufacture for some of the major players in the Construction and Civil Engineering industries. Many of these products are proprietary but if you have a question regarding this range, just hit the enquiry button, or call the number on the top right of the page.

  • Roadform-Flexible & Square
  • A clamp, B clamp, C clamp and C clamp double
  • Adjustable base assembly
  • Adjustable jacks
  • Adjustable prop base assembly left hand & right hand
  • Adjustable prop left hand & right hand
  • Alform guard rail adaptor
  • Alform splice clamp block
  • Alform wedge clamp assembly
  • All purpose joists
  • Clamp plate assembly
  • Column clamp no1,2,3 and 4
  • Column clamp wedge and chain
  • Standard & heavy duty waler plate
  • Multislim 6 way connector
  • Pivot cleat set
  • Prop pivot tube
  • Props and props lite
  • Push pull props
  • Rapid bar forkend
  • Rapid ply wedge
  • Rapid tie shebolt 700 and 725
  • Slim soldier endplate
  • Slim soldier tilt plate
  • Slimshor rocking head
  • Spade end links
  • Super slim clamp
  • Support plate
  • Tilt plates
  • Timber waling clamp
  • Tube clamp assembly

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